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Coming to audience round the globe from their base in Russia: "Юлдаш радиоһы" is a radio station what suggests a full range of melodies to fitting all feel. Юлдаш радиоһы has everything from music for their music fan. One of the specifications that differentiates Юлдаш радиоһы is their high-speed bit rates of music stream, that guarantees the audience might appreciate excellent music quality regardless of which place music lovers are. The station streams in MP3 music format with bitrate 0 kilobits, therefore that might be comfortably gotten at any mobile phones. Юлдаш радиоһы is transmitting at Bashkir and furthermore has the dedicated attendees from all corners of the world. Play online this radio station if you are a supporter of genres folk, news, pop or else in a minute wanting a number of excellent rhythms to heed to.


„If I love you, what business is it of yours?“

Johann wolfgang von Goethe

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Юлдаш радиоһы

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