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Serving members around the nature from their location in Russia: "Европа Плюс" is a radio station that gives a varied range of melodic pieces for every savour. Европа Плюс has cool sounds for every member. One of the features that differentiates Европа Плюс is the high-quality bitrates of stream, which guarantees the members might get pleasure from crystal clear sound no matter which point attendees are. The station airs play in MP3 audio codec which bitrate 128 kbit, consequently it might be well connected from each phone/computer/tablet. Европа Плюс plays in English also has the regular attendees from various parts of the world. Enable online this radio stream if you're a follower of genres otherwise only hunting for a few of fantastic tracks to tune in to.


„It was one thing to be fooled, and another thing to be taken for a fool all the time.“

Janvier Chouteu-Chando

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