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Attaining members on all sides of the universe from his office in Saudi Arabia: "WANASAH" is a radio station which suggests a wide range of sounds to go with all feel. WANASAH has everything from music for their music lover. One of the aspects that defines WANASAH is the high-capacity bitrate of music stream, what ensures the members would get pleasure from full music quality whether which place ears are. The station transmits within AAC+ audio format with bitrate 70 kilobits, consequently that would be with no trouble entered at different phone/computer/tablet. WANASAH broadcasts within Arabic and has the committed music fans from every corner of the world. Watch on our website this strean if you're a admirer of genres other otherwise recently need a number of standout music to give ear to.


„Among all the machines, motorcar is my favorite machine.“

Amit Kalantri

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