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AAC+ 70kbs

Getting music lovers in the region of the earth from his city in Saudi Arabia: "AHLA AL QASEED FM" is a radio station which offering a large range of melodies to fit every flavor. AHLA AL QASEED FM has everything from music for every ear. One of the factors that marks off AHLA AL QASEED FM is its high-capacity number of bits per second of music stream, that makes sure the music lovers have the ability to like pristine sound quality no matter where they are. The radio streams in AAC+ music format with bitrate 70 kbit, subsequently it have the ability to be without difficulty reached in any pc devices. AHLA AL QASEED FM broadcasts within Arabic and furthermore has the devoted folowers from many parts of the world. Enable on our website that radio if you are a supporter of genres other otherwise now searching a little of splendid melodic pieces to heed to.


„It would be so great to have someone my own age to talk to, even if it was just about books.“

Alex Flinn

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