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Attaining ears around the planet from his base in Azerbaijan: "Asan Radio" is a radio station what suggests a broad range of tracks to suit every taste. Asan Radio has cool sounds for our music lover. One of the factors that defines Asan Radio is the high-capacity bit rate of audio stream, what ensures the ears able to be pleased||be entertained flawless sound quality regardless of which place members are. The radio station streams featuring in MP3 music format its bitrate 112 kbits, subsequently that able to be easily connected with each-and-every phone/computer/tablet. Asan Radio airs within Azerbaijani as well as has the dedicated music lovers from various parts of the world. Play on website specified radio if you are a devotee of genres other either merely seeking a little of superb melodic pieces to be all ears to.


„There is no "right" way--only the way that is put before you.“

Jake T. Forbes

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