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Touching music lovers nearby the universe from his location in Azerbaijan: "Araz fm 103.3" is a radio station which offering a varied range of tracks to suit all savour. Araz fm 103.3 has some nice music for their member. One of the factors that differentiates Araz fm 103.3 is its high-quality number of bits per second of radio stream, which assures the music lovers would experience perfect audio quality regardless of which point listeners are. The station airs play in MP3 music format and bitrate is 128 kbit, therefore that would be without problems reached at whatever pc devices. Araz fm 103.3 airs in English as well as has the regular music fans from diverse parts of the world. Listen here this radio station if you're a admirer of genres or only hunting for a few of first-rate rhythms to heed to.


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G.A. Hauser

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Araz fm 103.3

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