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Achieving members near the world from its base in Ireland: "West Limerick 102 fm" is a radio station which suggests a broad range of melodies to appropriate each taste. West Limerick 102 fm has some nice music for our ears. One of the elements that differentiates West Limerick 102 fm is its high-quality bitrate of stream, what guarantees the members have the ability to get pleasure from crystal clear sound quality no matter which point hearers are. The station plays inside MP3 music format and bitrate is 128 kbits, hence that have the ability to be well entered by any devices. West Limerick 102 fm airs in English, Irish in addition to has the regular attendees from every corner of the globe. Watch here that radio if you are a fan of genres other on the other hand in a minute seeking several top-notch music to lend-an-ear to.

„Drift beautifully on the surface, and you will die unbeautifully in the depths.“

Richard Ellmann

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