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Meeting radio fans near the universe from their home in Lithuania: "Tau" is a radio station which offering a broad range of sounds to ensemble each taste. Tau has something for each radio fan. One of the specifications that distinguishes Tau is the high-quality bitrate of music stream, that makes sure the radio fans able to experience vibrant audio in spite of which point ears are. The radio plays at MP3 audio codec with bitrate 128 kbit, subsequently that able to be easily connected by each-and-every telephone/laptop/tablet. Tau broadcasts within Lithuanian in addition to has the devoted music fans from far-flung countries. Play on our website this radio station if you're a admirer of genres other on the other hand fair looking for a number of standout tracks to give ear to.


„Despite fear don't forget to try, for you have to try to succeed.“

Debasish Mridha MD

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