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Coming to members nearby the planet from their city in Lithuania: "Start FM 94.2 MHz Vilnius [MP3]" is a radio station which proposes an extensive variety of songs to fitting every savour. Start FM 94.2 MHz Vilnius [MP3] has some nice music for their listener. One of the things that marks off Start FM 94.2 MHz Vilnius [MP3] is its high-speed bitrate of music stream, which assures the members would relish flawless audio no matter which place you are. The station streams within MP3 file format with bitrate 320 kbit, thus that would be surely reached with different telephone/laptop/tablet. Start FM 94.2 MHz Vilnius [MP3] plays at Lithuanian and has the consistent radio station fans from around the world. Listen on our website this radio station if you are a supporter of genres alternative or in a minute finding a number of superb songs to hear to.


„When every minute of your day is planned & you are packed for days,“

Sujit Lalwani

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