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Coming to members close-by the earth from its own office in Philippines: " - Love songs & more !" is a radio station which contribute a broad range of songs to go well with every flavor. - Love songs & more ! has cool sounds for their listener. One of the features that defines - Love songs & more ! is its high-quality number of bits per second of stream, that ensures the members able to like exceptional audio quality regardless of in what place music lovers are. The station transmits play in MP3 audio format and bitrate is 96 kilobits, likewise that able to be without difficulty approached on each-and-every pc devices. - Love songs & more ! is playing in English, Tagalog then has the faithful radio fans from various parts of the world. Watch here that radio if you're a follower of genres other in other words just now in quest of a few of fabulous tunes to tune in to.

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