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Getting hearers everywhere on the planet from his location in : "102.2 Radio Essen" is a radio station that offers a varied range of tracks to go well with all feel. 102.2 Radio Essen has somewhat for our music fan. One of the aspects that defines 102.2 Radio Essen is their high-resolution bit rate of music stream, which guarantees the hearers might relish excellent music quality no matter which point you are. The radio station streams within MP3 music format with bitrate 192 kilobits, accordingly it might be effortlessly connected with each mobile devices. 102.2 Radio Essen is broadcasting on English and furthermore has the regular listeners from around the world. Listen online specified radio stream if you're a admirer of genres in other words recently finding several fantastic melodies to tune in to.


„He asked me: why you are not patient?, I answered: I am very patient just I am at war against time“

Hisham Fawzi

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