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Coming to ears all across the planet from their home in Syria: "Denge Qamishlo" is a radio station which puts a varied range of sounds to suit every experience. Denge Qamishlo has everything from music for our listener. One of the features that defines Denge Qamishlo is its high-resolution bit rates of music stream, what guarantees the ears might like outstanding audio quality whether which point you are. The radio streams play in MP3 audio codec and bitrate is 128 kbit, so it might be comfortably entered in all pc devices. Denge Qamishlo is airing at Kurdish plus has the faithful ears from many parts of the world. Play here current radio if you are a fan of genres folk or fair seeking some standout melodic pieces to give heed to.


„The ‘gods' that do us the greatest harm are the gods we deny having.“

Craig D. Lounsbrough

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