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Touching hearers all across the universe from its office in Nepal: "Kalika FM 95.2 FM" is a radio station what offering a broad range of melodic pieces for all taste. Kalika FM 95.2 FM has something for our listener. One of the details that defines Kalika FM 95.2 FM is its high-capacity bitrates of stream, that allows the hearers can take pleasure in high-quality audio quality in spite of in what place music lovers are. The station streams within MP3 music format and bitrate is 96 kbit, consequently it can be simply accessed from whatever phone/computer/tablet. Kalika FM 95.2 FM is playing on Nepali moreover has the devoted music lovers from many countries. Play here this radio stream if you are a admirer of genres other otherwise merely wanting some excellent rhythms to heed to.

„There's two kinds of women--those you write poems about and those you don't.“

Jeffrey McDaniel

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