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Serving radio station fans all around the globe from his base in North Macedonia: "Just Music Radio" is a radio station what suggests a deep range of tracks to suit each taste. Just Music Radio has something for our audience. One of the elements that set apart Just Music Radio is the high-quality bitrate of radio stream, what guarantees the radio station fans able to take pleasure in outstanding sound in spite of which point listeners are. The station broadcasts play in MP3 music format which bitrate 256 kbits, accordingly that able to be effortlessly approached at any telephone/computer/tablet. Just Music Radio is playing at English, Macedonian plus has the dedicated music lovers from diverse parts of the world. Watch online that radio station if you are a devotee of genres blues, rock, disco, pop, funk, jazz, relax in other words only seeking several great melodies to hear to.


„Even the ones you don't like, you like better in Paris.“

Janice MacLeod

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