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Getting audience close-by the globe from their home in Nepal: "Hits FM 91.2" is a radio station what suggests a large range of melodic pieces to ensemble each experience. Hits FM 91.2 has everything from music for every ear. One of the factors that set apart Hits FM 91.2 is their high-capacity number of bits per second of stream, what guarantees the audience can appreciate perfect sound despite where members are. The radio station plays at MP3 audio codec and bitrate is 64 kbits, so it can be without problems accessed on different mobile phones. Hits FM 91.2 is broadcasting with English, Hindi, Nepali and furthermore has the committed folowers from around the world. Enable online specified strean if you are a follower of genres hits, pop or fair hunting for a number of splendid sounds to give heed to.


„As an introvert, you crave intimate moments and deep connections--and those usually aren't found in a crowd.“

Jenn Granneman

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