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Touching attendees everywhere on the globe from their place in Israel: "Galei Zahal" is a radio station what proposes a large range of melodies to go well with each feel. Galei Zahal has everything from music for each audience. One of the aspects that differentiates Galei Zahal is their high-speed bitrates of sound stream, what ensures the attendees might get pleasure from rich sound whether which place listeners are. The radio broadcasts play in MP3 audio file format and bitrate is 128 kilobits, hence that might be easily connected on whatever telephone/laptop/tablet. Galei Zahal transmits within Hebrew also has the consistent music fans from every corner of the world. Hear online this radio if you're a supporter of genres other or recently wanting a little of excellent sounds to give ear to.

„It's when we float on air that we bathe in love.“

Anthony T. Hincks

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