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Achieving members all around the universe from their base in Botswana: "DumaFM" is a radio station that offering a broad range of tracks to appropriate all feel. DumaFM has something for our radio station fan. One of the characteristics that marks off DumaFM is their high-speed bit rate of radio stream, that allows the members would relish flawless music quality in spite of which point radio fans are. The radio airs within MP3 audio format with bitrate 96 kbits, therefore it would be without problems gotten at each-and-every device. DumaFM transmits in English as well as has the loyal hearers from far-flung countries. Hear on website current strean if you are a supporter of genres otherwise merely searching some amazing tunes to listen to.


„Loneliness is not a result of physical isolation; you're only lonely the day you realize that nobody shares your opinions.“

Sabah Carrim

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