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Getting radio fans on all sides of the planet from their home in Bosnia & Herzegovina: "Big Radio 4 Domaćica" is a radio station which puts a deep range of melodic pieces to go with every taste. Big Radio 4 Domaćica has some nice music for their radio station fan. One of the features that distinguishes Big Radio 4 Domaćica is the high-speed bitrates of radio stream, that makes sure the radio fans have the ability to experience perfect sound quality whether where music fans are. The radio airs within AAC+ music file format its bitrate 36 kbit, in this way it have the ability to be easily approached by each-and-every devices. Big Radio 4 Domaćica plays with Serbian and furthermore has the dedicated music fans from every corner of the world. Enable on our website this strean if you're a fan of genres other in other words fair searching for some great music to overhear to.


„There I was, poised on the edge of the high diving board of life, and the pool kept moving around.“

Kristine K. Stevens

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