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Meeting ears all over the globe from his location in Israel: "תל אביב Tel Aviv 102FM" is a radio station what contribute a full range of music to fitting every experience. תל אביב Tel Aviv 102FM has something for our listener. One of the elements that distinguishes תל אביב Tel Aviv 102FM is its high-quality bitrate of sound stream, that assures the ears able to relish superb sound whether which point music fans are. The station transmits within AAC+ audio format with bitrate 64 kbit, then that able to be easily accessed by every devices. תל אביב Tel Aviv 102FM broadcasts with Hebrew moreover has the dedicated listeners from many countries. Enable on our website specified radio stream if you are a devotee of genres pop otherwise now in quest of a little of great tunes to give ear to.


„The greatest reward for a man's failure is not necessarily the consequent success, but what he becomes by it.“

Ogwo David Emenike

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תל אביב Tel Aviv 102FM

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