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Reaching hearers all across worldwide from his home in North Macedonia: "Lider FM 107,4" is a radio station what offering a deep range of tracks to fit every flavor. Lider FM 107,4 has something for our hearer. One of the things that marks off Lider FM 107,4 is its high bit rate of radio stream, that allows the hearers can love crystal clear sound quality without regard to which place hearers are. The radio station plays in MP3 music format which bitrate 128 kbits, subsequently that can be smoothly connected at all mobile phones. Lider FM 107,4 is playing in Macedonian also has the devoted music lovers from many parts of the world. Hear here current strean if you're a follower of genres other either just now finding several first-rate sounds to give ear to.


„Even if the whole world turns against you, until you agree, no failure, no crisis, no obscurity can win over you.“

Abhijit Naskar

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