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Coming to music lovers throughout the planet from their base in Lithuania: "Gold FM" is a radio station that contribute a large range of songs to suit every flavor. Gold FM has some nice music for each audience. One of the things that set aside Gold FM is its high-speed number of bits per second of sound stream, that assures the music lovers have the ability to get pleasure from rich sound quality no matter where you are. The radio station transmits inside MP3 audio file format and bitrate is 192 kbit, as a result that have the ability to be without doubt connected by all phone/computer/tablet. Gold FM broadcasts with Lithuanian as well as has the regular listeners from every corner of the world. Hear here that radio if you're a fan of genres other either fair in search of a little of amazing tracks to be all ears to.


„If you want something bad enough, then do something about it!“

Lindsey Rietzsch

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