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Serving audience nearby the nature from their place in Syria: "Watan FM Idlib, Hama, Halab" is a radio station that contribute a varied range of tracks to match each flavor. Watan FM Idlib, Hama, Halab has somewhat for their audience. One of the details that defines Watan FM Idlib, Hama, Halab is their high bit rates of audio stream, what ensures the audience might appreciate crystal clear music quality without regard to in what place listeners are. The radio station airs featuring in MP3 music format its bitrate 128 kbits, therefore that might be smoothly connected in every devices. Watan FM Idlib, Hama, Halab plays with Arabic and has the loyal members from around the world. Enable online that radio stream if you're a supporter of genres other or else merely finding some superb melodies to tune in to.


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Watan FM Idlib, Hama, Halab

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