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Achieving radio fans close-by the globe from its location in Nepal: "Vijaya FM 101.6" is a radio station which offers a large range of tracks for every flavor. Vijaya FM 101.6 has everything from music for our hearer. One of the characteristics that defines Vijaya FM 101.6 is its high bitrate of music stream, what assures the radio fans would take pleasure in rich audio quality no matter which place attendees are. The radio transmits in MP3 audio file format its bitrate 32 kilobits, consequently it would be without problems approached from any phone/computer/tablet. Vijaya FM 101.6 is transmitting at Nepali moreover has the devoted music lovers from all parts of the globe. Watch online specified radio if you are a follower of genres entertainment, news on the other hand just now searching a number of excellent tracks to be all ears to.


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