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Meeting radio fans nearby the planet from their home in North Macedonia: "Time FM Gevgelija" is a radio station what gives a large range of tunes to suit all taste. Time FM Gevgelija has some nice music for our attendee. One of the aspects that set apart Time FM Gevgelija is their high-speed bitrates of music stream, which allows the radio fans can experience vibrant sound regardless of where you are. The station plays featuring in MP3 music format its bitrate 128 kilobits, accordingly that can be effortlessly approached with all phone/computer/tablet. Time FM Gevgelija airs in Macedonian plus has the faithful hearers from many parts of the world. Enable on website that radio if you are a follower of genres other on the other hand recently wanting a little of great sounds to listen to.


„Ladies, being able to submit to your future husband requires a deeper trust in God who created him.“

Nicole J. Fortune

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