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Arriving music lovers nearby worldwide from its own base in Nepal: "Synergy FM 91.6" is a radio station what offers a varied range of music to ensemble each feel. Synergy FM 91.6 has something for their hearer. One of the characteristics that defines Synergy FM 91.6 is its high bit rate of radio stream, which allows the music lovers have the ability to experience superb audio without regard to which place attendees are. The radio streams within MP3 audio codec and bitrate is 32 kbits, therefore that have the ability to be simply connected by each-and-every devices. Synergy FM 91.6 plays within English, Nepali also has the faithful radio fans from different countries. Watch on website current radio station if you are a follower of genres entertainment, news, hits in other words recently wish a number of standout tracks to overhear to.


„Everyone has a price, Kaylee. You just have to be willing to push until you figure out what it is.“

Joelle Charbonneau

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