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Reaching attendees all around the globe from its own home in Botswana: "RERA Online Christian Radio" is a radio station that offers a deep range of tracks to go with all flavor. RERA Online Christian Radio has everything from music for every ear. One of the details that marks off RERA Online Christian Radio is its high-quality bitrate of stream, what allows the attendees would love perfect music quality whether which point members are. The radio airs within MP3 format with bitrate 128 kbits, in this way it would be comfortably entered from each device. RERA Online Christian Radio is airing with English and furthermore has the regular hearers from different countries. Listen on our website this radio station if you're a fan of genres spiritual either recently looking for a little of top-notch melodic pieces to lend-an-ear to.


„Home at that moment was a starless night, a steady wind, not a human to be seen.“

Alan Furst

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RERA Online Christian Radio

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