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Meeting attendees throughout the universe from its city in Angola: "Powermix FM" is a radio station which offers a varied range of songs to go with every savour. Powermix FM has somewhat for our attendee. One of the aspects that set aside Powermix FM is its high number of bits per second of audio stream, what guarantees the attendees can appreciate perfect music quality regardless of which point listeners are. The radio station transmits play in MP3 audio file format its bitrate 320 kilobits, then that can be without doubt reached in each-and-every pc devices. Powermix FM is broadcasting in English moreover has the loyal radio fans from all parts of the globe. Hear on our website this radio if you are a supporter of genres either just in search of some standout melodies to give heed to.


„In the center of each whirlpool is a vortex of beauty.“

Anthony T. Hincks

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Powermix FM

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