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Getting radio station fans nearby the universe from its own home in Philippines: "DZTP Radyo Tirad Pass" is a radio station that offers a large range of songs to ensemble each taste. DZTP Radyo Tirad Pass has somewhat for every radio station fan. One of the details that differentiates DZTP Radyo Tirad Pass is its high-rate bit rates of radio stream, which ensures the radio station fans able to take pleasure in high-quality sound without regard to which point radio fans are. The radio transmits inside AAC music file format and bitrate is 0 kilobits, thus that able to be well approached on every mobile devices. DZTP Radyo Tirad Pass is playing within Tagalog as well as has the supportive folowers from diverse countries. Listen on our website this radio station if you are a admirer of genres news in other words recently in search of a number of superb melodies to overhear to.


„You get use to someone—start to like them, even—and they leave. In the end, everyone leaves.“

Rachel Ward

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DZTP Radyo Tirad Pass
DZTP Radyo Tirad Pass

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