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Serving music fans in the region of the universe from his base in Nepal: "Butwal FM 94.4" is a radio station that puts a large range of melodies to fit all taste. Butwal FM 94.4 has cool sounds for every ear. One of the elements that differentiates Butwal FM 94.4 is their high-quality number of bits per second of sound stream, what guarantees the music fans would love perfect audio quality without regard to in what place music lovers are. The station airs at MP3 music format and bitrate is 192 kbit, likewise that would be without difficulty accessed at any phone/laptop/tablet. Butwal FM 94.4 is transmitting within Nepali also has the supportive radio fans from every corner of the globe. Play on website current radio station if you're a admirer of genres other on the other hand now seeking out a little of first-rate tunes to overhear to.


„Strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty.“

Krystal Sutherland

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Butwal FM 94.4

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