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Serving audience all across worldwide from his city in Turkey: " _106.1 DAMARIN MERKEZİ FM" is a radio station that suggests a varied range of music to fitting each feel. _106.1 DAMARIN MERKEZİ FM has some nice music for our attendee. One of the elements that set aside _106.1 DAMARIN MERKEZİ FM is their high-speed bitrates of audio stream, that allows the audience would get pleasure from flawless music quality in spite of where ears are. The station airs at MP3 format its bitrate 128 kbits, accordingly that would be comfortably reached on each-and-every device. _106.1 DAMARIN MERKEZİ FM is transmitting in Arabic, Azerbaijani, German, French, Turkish besides has the committed listeners from all corners of the world. Listen online this radio stream if you are a devotee of genres news, pop on the other hand just now searching a little of fabulous tunes to give heed to.

„Beauty is very short-lived and overrated.“

Mitali Meelan

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