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Touching members round the nature from their place in Turkey: " _106.1 ARABESKİN MERKEZİ FM" is a radio station what suggests a wide range of sounds to fitting each taste. _106.1 ARABESKİN MERKEZİ FM has everything from music for our ear. One of the details that distinguishes _106.1 ARABESKİN MERKEZİ FM is their high-resolution bitrate of sound stream, what assures the members have the ability to get pleasure from exceptional music quality despite which place music fans are. The station airs inside MP3 audio format which bitrate 128 kbit, hence it have the ability to be without problems accessed from any telephone/computer/tablet. _106.1 ARABESKİN MERKEZİ FM broadcasts on English, French, Turkish also has the regular folowers from various countries. Enable here current strean if you are a devotee of genres pop, rock on the other hand just wanting any splendid songs to give heed to.

„You cannot reach success only by working hard, you also need to be working smart.“

Charbel Tadros

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