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Touching members everywhere on the world from its own city in Bosnia & Herzegovina: " _102.1 TUZLA FM" is a radio station what suggests a varied range of sounds to suit all taste. _102.1 TUZLA FM has something for our listener. One of the characteristics that differentiates _102.1 TUZLA FM is its high-rate bitrate of sound stream, which guarantees the members might appreciate rich sound quality no matter which point radio fans are. The station streams within MP3 audio format and bitrate is 128 kbits, consequently it might be effortlessly accessed with each phone/laptop/tablet. _102.1 TUZLA FM is broadcasting with Bosnian, English, French in addition to has the dedicated attendees from far-flung countries. Watch on our website specified radio station if you are a admirer of genres classic, hits, pop or fair finding several splendid tunes to heed to.

„In the old age black was not counted fair,“

William Shakespeare

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_102.1 TUZLA FM

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